A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

My dearest wish

Is that you'll know

These tender thoughts 

Which only seem to grow...

A short and sweet Fire Emblem: Three Houses visual novel for NaNoRenO 2020!

Meet Byleth Eisner - ex-mercenary, ex-professor, and current wife of Edelgard von Hresvelg, the Emperor of Fodlan. Now that the country is at peace, she's determined to give her El the perfect teatime date. 

There's just one problem - where should she start?

  • 5000+ words of Byleth/Edelgard goodness.
  • Fully animated sprites.
  • A soothing and gentle original soundtrack.
  • Unique CGs and cut-ins depending on your in-game choices.
  • You decide what happens at teatime!

Direction - radiostarkiller

Art/Animation - paperseverywhere + radiostarkiller

Writing - sixfeetzen

Coding - thehaakun

Music - sleepless

UI/Web Design/Promotional Graphics - madocallie

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(54 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Comedy, Fangame, fire-emblem, LGBT, nanoreno, Ren'Py, Romance, three-houses


In Peaceful Days (Windows) 101 MB
In Peaceful Days (Mac) 84 MB


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Three years later, this is still my favorite Three Houses fanwork! It's one of the purest expressions I've seen of how much Three Houses, the Black Eagles, and Edelgard in particular mean to people (me included) - the whole VN is overflowing with love for the source material.


idk if my previous comment posted, but thank you so much for this game! It's adorable, heartfelt, and I'll be sure to play it when I'm down :)

thank you!!! ;w;

please direct most of your thanks to @radiostarkiller on twitter. they made the project happen in the first place!


will do! It happens I already follow them on insta haha 


I stumbled upon this VN on YT. Color me impressed. Thanks for all your effort!

Thank you so much! Sai did a great job managing the team - be sure to tell them on Twitter too! ^^


The SHEER effort for this work...amazing.thank u so much for this.y'all are incredibly talented!

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game. :>

Please give Sai your biggest thanks - they helped organize this entire project!


Hi, I wonder if the music creator, Sleepless, has any twitter or soundcloud acccount? The twitter account link on this page is broken.

Oh, here’s their Soundcloud! I’ll update the link immediately.



i love it i recommend game


Love it


I do not usually care about nobles but I love Empress Edlegard and her wife Byleth!! Thank everyone for making Fodlan! I was happy to learn what Fodlan flowers mean! 


This was so cute and relaxing and the art style is gorgeous. Thank you for making this!! 

Thank you for playing! ^u^


this sparked so much joy

Thank you! Glad it did. :>

Show post...

Not a fan of FE3H BUT I LOVE THIS! So lovely so peaceful so sweet!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like this game. :>


i'm crying thank you for your service. this is beautiful

Thank you for playing the game! Super happy you enjoyed it...


I can't believe something with this much love and effort put into it is a free download.

This is wholesome and beautiful, the animations and the drawings are fantastic, and I actually laughed a couple times from the humorous dialogue!

Just flex and smile!  You should be proud of this work.

Thank you so much for the lovely words! *smiles and flexes back*


Omg this game looks absolutely incredible, the art is stunning! I've only completed the Golden Deers route and plan to do Black Eagles soon. Is this game spoiler free of that route or should I wait to beat the game?

Thank you so much for the kind words!

This game contains some major Crimson Flower spoilers, so I recommend reading/playing that route first before playing In Peaceful Days.


This was *adorable* and you can tell a lot of effort and love for Edeleth went into it <3 The dialogue really sums up what makes the pair so nice, and I loved the little animations, they were such a nice detail!! Thank you for making this aah

Thank you for enjoying the game! I’m super happy you liked it.


wow wow wow wow. i cant say enough to express my awe for this game... that scene at the ending???? i replayed this game idk how many times but i know for sure i want to see el happy godammit i fucking love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really glad the fandom has you guys that contributed this... crazy professional level stuff!!

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like our contribution to the Edeleth fandom, haha. Everyone there is a super great and creative bunch...


Bless you for 1. making this and 2. offering it for free. It's adorable and delightful <3

And thank you for playing and enjoying this game!


Absolutely beautiful, it's one of those things I wish it went on longer. I love the art, the animation the references and the dialogue. The music is so good and I especially love that final piece when you kiss Edelgard, I swear I picked up Edge of Dawn motifs in there and it was lovely. Amazing job.


Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoyed the game.


Hey, it's Wright. This is great! Y'all did a bang-up job on this thing! It's super cute and fun! Top-notch fluff! Lovely art, writing that's both sweet and in-character, and music that's really above and beyond. I loved it!

To Mado specifically, I wanna say that I really loved the UI! It was thematically appropriate, attractive, AND functional! The font choices were also solid - again, both attractive and easy to read. The care you put into this project shows!

I was mildly confused as to why Sothis was there, but the humor her presence interjected really spiced things up, especially in the final conversation.

I was also a little sad that we didn't learn who the mysterious tea vendor was - at first, I thought it was Edelgard using her Flame Emperor mask to hide her voice, but then she showed up. Then I thought it must be Hubert, but it's revealed later that El's been conferring with Hubert throughout. Now I'm pretty sure it's Dorothea, but that's just speculation on my part.

Anyway, thanks for making this! It's a wonderful tribute to the power of Edeleth! :)

Thank you so much Wright! Really glad you enjoyed the work. 

Sothis is just there to provide a running commentary alongside Byleth - but I’m glad she could provide funny moments throughout. 

As for the tea vendor... they’re just a mysterious tea vendor, haha - kind of like the Shadow Vendor in Crimson Flower.

Again though, I’m glad you enjoyed this!


Well polished with amazing art, the soundtrack is fitting and made me wish the game went longer, just to hear it more. The dialogue felt a fitting flavor of saccharine, with some of the sad notes and comedic ones in the same beat.

Overall concise, cute, and feeling in-line character wise.

Thank you so much! I’m super happy that you enjoyed the game.