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Daisy's a chipper young dryad who wants to surprise her friends with a party! After making painstaking plans, she's ready to move on to proper preparations...

...only to find out that she's run out of money.  

Unless she finds another way out, her party's DOOMED!!! 


Party Favors is a visual novel made for the Maximum Monster Month game jam. Play as Daisy, talk with her friends and help her make this party possible! 

This game is best played with a stable internet connection.


  • Cute monster people!
  • Japes!
  • Romance!
  • A  monster chat client?!

NOTE:  Daisy's friends are online at different times, so try to play on different days of the week if you want to find out how the party ends up! You may need to be a little patient if you want to meet all four of Daisy's friends...(Or you could bend the rules and meet them all on one day.)


  • Infrequent use of foul language
  • Loud noises (for the soundtrack - you can change the volume as you wish, though!)


The game is free, but those who donate $5 and above will receive special access to The Art of Party Favors, an artbook with nearly 45 pages of content!

The Art of Party Favors contains cool additional content, such as:

  • Character profiles! (Including characters who didn't make it into the game!)
  • Development notes!
  • Unused content!
  • And extra fun goodies!


GUI/Coding/Writing/Art - Mado

Stock Images - Nicolas Raymond

Music-Maou Damashii

Beta Reading - Li-Fei (XianXian), Nyandines, Matolog

1 Week Game Code - nclm

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Female Protagonist, Funny, LGBT, Monsters, Ren'Py


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Party Favors - Linux 66 MB
Party Favors - Mac 63 MB
Party Favors - Windows 64 MB
The Art of Party Favors 8 MB
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Development log


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Why does it stop at Daisy saying "I wish I could just fast forward in time blah blah blah"?

I should've made it more clear within the game - but that's a hint for you to change your computer clock to advance further in the game!


I know this is a really old project but I had to try it! It is really cute of course and the story is quite unique, I didn't notice until I read the description AFTER playing the game but that time mechanic is really nice, I'll be sure to try it

Apparently opening the links messed up the recording and I guess in that aspect it would be better to "open" the links in fake browser inside the game, but idk it works well as it is too as long as you are not recording the game window.


This is such a lovely game! But i would really like to know how to time travel.

Thank you!! To time-travel, set your computer's clock to a different date. :>

its very cute so far!! though i cant figure out how to time travel yet,,,,, :c

cute artstyle... Daisy is funny... dialoques are funny... I had play it only few minutes and I like it :) 

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!

aaaah i love the little hints Daisy gives you about time travel and stuff!! This games is the cutest aaaaah

thank you!!!!!!! im glad you caught the hints too!

I haven't finished getting all the characters yet( I got to talk to two out of the four)  but gosh this game is so cute!!! Like I love the art and the concept honestly and my favorite character so far is aleks C:

Thanks so much!!! I'm glad you're having fun ;7;

i really love the art and stuff for this game! its adorable! i love the main characters concept and the whole concept is super cool, but i dont think i will be able to play the game, because i am super impatient among other things and wouldn't be able to spend time every day playing this game, but i love the concept and i'm sure i would adore it if the time you had to wait wasnt a whole day.

also, in the discordy type menu, the buttons in the bottom right have very weird hitboxes, but thats understandable given this is for a game jam

good game tho

super cute

cant say much more than that though

Oh yeah, I'm pretty aware of the funny hitboxes with the chatroom quickmenu... After the jam is over, I'll probably try to fix that with a small update.

Also, there is a way to play all of the routes in one day! A lot of people have completed the game once they found out how. It won't affect your progress or the game itself negatively.

Otherwise, I'm glad you like the artwork and characters! I put a lot of effort into developing them...


this game was sooo cute! i loved the day system so much! the art was gorgeous and everyone was so cute and that chat was so well done gj!!


I'm glad you had fun!!

you got me on japes


Japes are good.